>Chronicles Of Reverence: Amduscia

(Amduscia as photographed in 2008 for the Madness In Abyss album)

Hailing from Mexico, the 3 man outfit comprising of Polo Amduscia (Vocals, Lyrics & Programming), Edgar Acevedo (Synth, Sampling & Mixing) and Raul Amduscia (Keyboards & Sampling) were formed in 1999 and despite the early comparisons to fellow countrymen Hocico and Cenobita due to their sound, Amduscia soon changed the minds of skeptics with their brand of aggrotech being used with a variety of genres like old school EBM, futurepop and cyberpunk among others. Releasing 6 albums in total through Out Of Line records with the exception of From Abuse To Apostasy which was released through Metropolis and their demo Perdicion, Perversion, Demencia, Amduscia had their share of grief as Raul left the band and on March 2010, Edgar passed away due to complications in his health but despite the setbacks back, the band is currently working on a new album with a few tracks available for listening

Mark Of Reverence

(The late Edgar Acevedo, a member of an accomplished band in the aggrotech field)

While they are not the first band to come out of Mexico, a band named after a duke from hell in medieval demonology were definitely anything but cold with their demo album Perdicion, Perversion, Demencia making an immediate impact with listeners and their rise continued with their tracks Evil Song and Profano tu Cruz making into the Machineries of Joy Vol. 1 & 2 compilation albums with critical acclaim and scoring a record label deal with German electronic label Out Of Line records who released most of their albums beginning with Melodies For The Devil (November 2003). Amduscia also had the pleasure of performing in mega festivals such as WaveGotikTreffen in 2004 and M’era Luna in 2005 while sharing the stage with Combichrist. Their influence spread towards remixes with other artistes as well with God Module, Suicide Commando and Grendel having the honour to have their songs given the Midas touch by the Mexican wizards.

To know more about the band:

http://www.amduscia.de (Official Amduscia website)

http://www.myspace.com/amduscia (Amduscia on Myspace)


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